Anonymous asked: OMG !!! Your sims look so flawless !! Wcif the eyes that you used in this post /post/95759024563/redux, they are perfect. How do you make your photos look so HQ because mine don't look like that, their eyelashes are all blurry ?? Thanks for responding <3

I use an HQ mod, and she uses eyes by brntwaffles I believe.

Anonymous asked: Alexxxxissssss

either this is josh or he’s caused someone else to call me that… in either situation i hate him >.>

delicious-sims asked: Heey, sorry to bother you but where can I find her hair in this post and her top? :) /post/95062129663/erics-date-for-the-day

It’s no bother at all! I got that hair here, but I’m not too sure about the top at the moment. :(

Picture of Hayden for the waifu simprovs. 。◕‿◕。
Picture of Hayden for the waifu simprovs。◕‿◕。
Anonymous asked: Oh ! I forgot to ask you in my previous message, are you taking your screenshots with EA camera mod or with Fraps ? Thank you

I use the EA camera, nothing special, and I’ll answer your other question as soon as I go in game and figure out what those eyes are called. ^^

Karma got her fringe cut.

Karma got her fringe cut.

radicalsims asked: Nikki how do u feel about me stalkin u rn